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The Rudest Devices

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On July 13th I became the owner of my first cell phone. My resistance to having one in the past was not entirely for financial reasons, nor because I suffer from high-tech phobias, nor because I’m an old-fashioned fuddy-duddy. I’ve been an internetting software engineer since the mid-eighties, usually . . . → Read More: The Rudest Devices

Non-Utilitarian Apparel

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There is a certain arbitrariness born of tradition regarding what is considered dressy attire. Utilitarian wear is not the first principle of design.

There is nothing intrinsically praiseworthy from a practical standpoint about tying a piece of cloth around one’s neck that gets in the way. They don’t call it . . . → Read More: Non-Utilitarian Apparel

Giving Awards

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Mankind is inextricably addicted to the ceremonious giving of awards.

When I was a Boy Scout, our troop had a pancake making contest. I took it seriously, thinking the intent was to make the finest-looking stack of pancakes possible. Some of the other boys brought in pancakes that . . . → Read More: Giving Awards

Morons Need Jobs Too!

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To each person his own job is or becomes important. Morons need jobs, too. Give them their space; let them do their work.

When the average joe looks for a job, his primary objective is usually to find an occupation that will bring in enough money to pay the bills. Other . . . → Read More: Morons Need Jobs Too!

The Most Secure Place in the World

Many adventure and sci-fi movies show scenes of top secret highly secure fortresses surrounded by armed guards and protected by more hi-tech gear than the Pentagon can afford. Each of these movies leaves you convinced that there couldn’t possibly be a more important place in the world.

What might be found in the . . . → Read More: The Most Secure Place in the World

Music As Wallpaper

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Music today has become like wallpaper — part of the ambience. Hardly anyone ever just listens to it any more, unless it’s to get up and dance.

As a child I became accumstomed to simply listening to music, allowing it to take over my full attention. Even when I was little, I would sit . . . → Read More: Music As Wallpaper

A Simple Life

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Many people stumble along the path from birth to death with colossal holes in their lives.

They never read. How can a person know anything if he never, ever reads?

They never think.

They never work out.

They never learn to experience music or art or drama and sometimes cultivate a distaste for artistic beauty.

They are immune . . . → Read More: A Simple Life

Boredom Redux

Often I’ve claimed that I never get bored while running. I’ll stick to that claim, with a minor rider. Sometimes preoccupation with something else can interfere with whatever task we are presently performing, such that we do it less well, or quit it entirely. This postulate applies particularly well to running.

This . . . → Read More: Boredom Redux

Job Interviews Are Like Auditions

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Recently I have been looking for work once again, and in so doing have had to make myself available for job interviews, the humiliating grilling in which a person is expected to lay his life’s work experience on the line in the course of a few minutes. He . . . → Read More: Job Interviews Are Like Auditions

Why Ultrarunning?

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On the Ultra List ultrarunning e-mail list one subscriber surmised:

“…some people get into ultrarunning to prove to the world that they’re “tough.” Deep down inside they feel weak, so they compensate by doing something physically difficult.”

Another responded:

Or to prove it to themselves. Running ultras is hard, painful, expensive, dangerous and . . . → Read More: Why Ultrarunning?

Why Do I Write?

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Recently I posted a comment to an excellent article written by a friend on Ergo Sum. What I wrote works well as a standalone thought, so I decided to post it here as well.

Why do I write? One reason is to teach myself.

Whenever I begin to write something — as I have . . . → Read More: Why Do I Write?


I’m pathologically incapable of reading a sentence under the control of an editor and not editing it. In fact, I’m doing it right now!
I’m having one of those experiences where an action produces a repeatable but seemingly unrelated reaction, so remote as to seem impossible. It’s like turning on the car radio . . . → Read More: Exhalations

Why I Hate News Groups

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In earlier days of the Internet, I used to read Usenet news groups, now more commonly known simply as news groups. Today I will read some specific news group no more often on average than once in several months because I have come to detest them and the culture that . . . → Read More: Why I Hate News Groups

Chopin on the Banjo

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You haven’t lived until you’ve heard Bela Fleck playing a Chopin Etude on the banjo. If you were to listen to it while falling over a cliff while running from a bear in Alaska, your life would be complete (and possibly over). You would never need to drink another . . . → Read More: Chopin on the Banjo

Terrorists Win

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Shortly after the horrible events of September 11, 2001, the president of the nation of which I am a lifetime citizen became accustomed to declaring that if people did not go along with his plans and proposals for coping with the aftermath, “then the terrorists win!” Thus was born . . . → Read More: Terrorists Win

Exercise As a Priority

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Commendably, today (August 31, 2005), as the southern part of the Unites States is reeling from the devastation left by hurricane Katrina, US President George W. Bush opted to cut short his vacation in order to tend to business. It’s good to know that he views an emergency that has left . . . → Read More: Exercise As a Priority

Micro-Thoughts Redux

Don’t you hate it when people keep using words like redux?
Before my life changed I was a composer. People sometimes ask me: “What kind of music did you write?” I wrote UN-popular music. Some titles:

Neglected Concerto
Unknown Symphony
Songs Without Words or Music

People who never read are ignorant, and they show it. It’s easy to tell . . . → Read More: Micro-Thoughts Redux

Estimating Driver Attitude

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Drivers in Arizona wear their attitudes on the outside. The ones to fear most are those who drive trucks. Several secondary factors act as additive attitudinal properties. Among them are:

A hat. If it’s on backwards or a cowboy hat, score double.
A cigarette, which of course is a drug delivery . . . → Read More: Estimating Driver Attitude

The Truth About Guys

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So tell me — what are those girls underpants parties all about? I never have understood that. Guys don’t do those. Guys don’t say things like, “Say, Bubba’s getting married — let’s buy him some new Fruit of the Looms and jock straps and sit around swilling a few brewskis . . . → Read More: The Truth About Guys

Regarding Political Neutrality

Most people who know me are aware that I maintain a stance of political neutrality. After the US presidential election in 2004, a curious ultrarunning friend inquired: “Are you apolitical as in not interested in the just-finished election?” Most will remember that the election was a controversial and emotion charged event.

My response: No, not “not . . . → Read More: Regarding Political Neutrality

The Seven Twenty-First Century Dwarfs

If Disney were to remake Snow White, they would have to redo the dwarfs to make them more relevant to contemporary standards. Here’s a suggested list.


It’s not much, but neither is much behavior considered normal and acceptable . . . → Read More: The Seven Twenty-First Century Dwarfs

Life Is Dangerous

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Life is getting to be too dangerous. My bathroom scale has a warning on it not to use if I’ve got a pacemaker. (I don’t.) My toothbrush and razor came with instructions on how to avoid electrocution while using them. A person could die just getting up and . . . → Read More: Life Is Dangerous

Was That a Zebra or a Giraffe?

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Speaking of basic education (was I doing that?) …

Certain skills are fundamental to life. The obvious ones include ability to care for oneself and to perform basic chores, reading, writing, basic arithmetic, to which I would add secondary skills such as riding a bicycle, swimming, for most persons driving . . . → Read More: Was That a Zebra or a Giraffe?

English As a Second Language for Native-Borns

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There was a high school physics teacher who subscribed to a mail list I once belonged to. Everyone disliked him because he was an idiot and most of what he said was both ignorant and offensive.

He was nearly illiterate — a scary fact given that he was a teacher of . . . → Read More: English As a Second Language for Native-Borns

Tatoos As Art?

Last year I read an article that began:

The double Olympic champion didn’t know whether to laugh or cry after spotting Emma Fitch’s mis-spelt work of art [a tatoo] during a walkabout in Kent.

I’ve seen tatoos justified as “art” before. ART?? Puhleeeze!

Perhaps persons moved to become collectors of such AHHHRRRT ought to . . . → Read More: Tatoos As Art?


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Some people have things to say and some people have to say things.
There are c. 6.5 billion people in the world. If the average person lives 76 years, 27740 days, It means that throughout the world an average of 236880 people, a nearly a quarter of a million, die every . . . → Read More: Micro-Thoughts

Moon Travel As Recreation

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Today’s CNN Quick Vote survey question is:

If you had $100 million, would you spend it on a trip to the moon?

Are you crazy?

So far, of the 143977 people who have answered, 12569 have said yes. That’s 9%. Never mind that the vast majority voted otherwise. Seems to me that there’s . . . → Read More: Moon Travel As Recreation


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As a long-time denizen of the Internet (for many years before I even knew it was called the Internet), this is nonetheless my first attempt to create a blog. We shall see how it goes. So far there is nothing done that cannot be undone.

Some fragmentary phrases I’ve . . . → Read More: Greetings

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