What Is Neologistics?

The word neologistics is a portmanteau, a new word formed formed from the elision of two derivative words:

neologism a new word, usage, or expression
logistics the handling of the details of an operation

True neologisms should not be confused with sniglets, which are often silly words created mostly for their giggle-provoking properties than for use in literature. Most good neologisms arise and occur in writing almost spontaneously and naturally. Their meanings often have little or no need of explanation, and are understood by context and use.

A neologist is a person who creates neologisms.

Logistics is the military science of procurement, transportation, and maintenance of things needed in military operations, both people and supplies. Used generally, logistics is the management of details of some process or operation. Logistics is a plural noun treated as a singular. No one ever talks about a singular logistic, though the singular logistic is in Merriam-Webster, but is a term of symbolic logic — similar, but unrelated to this discussion.

Neologistics embraces the entire process of preparing materials for publication.

I’ve located two transport companies on the Internet that go by the name Neologistics, but I can’t find the term used in writing; therefore Neologistics is itself a neologism.

By extension, a neologistician (accent on the fifth syllable) is one who practices neologistics — that’s me! (Perhaps I should say neologician, which brings to mind the similar words musician (which I am, too) and magician (which some clients would compare me to in a figurative sense).)

Potential editing clients should not worry that I will revise their writing with words I made up myself!

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