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Shortly after the horrible events of September 11, 2001, the president of the nation of which I am a lifetime citizen became accustomed to declaring that if people did not go along with his plans and proposals for coping with the aftermath, “then the terrorists win!” Thus was born what has come to be called officially the War on Terrorism.

Four years later about the only people left to whom it has not been revealed that any so-called war on terrorism is unwinnable are the politicians to whom it is an advantage to perpetuate the myth so they may use it as a tool by means of which to continue pursuing their plans.

Whatever heinous acts terrorists commit, the terrorists always win the minute their deeds are done. There is no justice, there is no recompense, and there is no retribution that can possibly be meted out that makes things all better again — especially when the perpetrators zealously sacrifice their own lives to carry out their warped notions.

Following an act of terrorism, what remains is entirely bad — dead and injured victims, ruined lives, social upheaval, psychological devastation, and destruction of property.

Worst of all, the damage done goes on increasing. Anyone who has had to travel on an airplane since September 11, 2001, knows that. Travel used to be fairly simple, but that’s no longer the case.

Years ago when I would cross the border into Canada, a friendly security guy would ask two or three questions, wish me a nice day, and send me on my vacationing way. I never even had to show identification. Now I need a passport and immigration papers. I wonder what the people who go between countries on a regular basis have to do?

Last week I traveled from my home in Phoenix, Arizona, to Alaska. Part of the trip took me through Canada. At each airport security station I had to unhitch all the carrying devices I had strapped to myself, empty my pockets, take off my glasses, take off my belt and my shoes, and subject my body and carried belongings to a search, then spend ten minutes reassembling it all again on the other side of the gate, all while smiling, and thinking: “There’s nothing wrong here!”, making sure not to make security jokes in order to avoid being arrested, strip-searched, and investigated, while inwardly my anger and impatience mounted.

And why is all this necessary? Because I or the person before me or after me is a terrorist? Has all of this rigamarole resulted in snaring even one would-be terrorist? Of course not. This happens because someone else a long time ago was a terrorist, and we all still live with the legacy of his vile acts. In other words: terrorists win.

Ecclesiastes 7:29 See! This only I have found, that the true God made mankind upright, but they themselves have sought out many plans.

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