The Most Secure Place in the World

Many adventure and sci-fi movies show scenes of top secret highly secure fortresses surrounded by armed guards and protected by more hi-tech gear than the Pentagon can afford. Each of these movies leaves you convinced that there couldn’t possibly be a more important place in the world.

What might be found in the Most Secret Secure Place in the ultimate sci-fi adventure movie of all times? All of the following:

  • The ark of the covenant, with Moses’ stone tablets.
  • The real location for all the gold most people assume is in Fort Knox.
  • Vials of all the most deadly viruses ever known, including smallpox.
  • Gallons of the most destructive chemical weapons ever created.
  • The world’s largest stockpile of weapons grade plutonium.
  • The files of the CIA.
  • The guy who really shot Kennedy.
  • Aliens from numerous galaxies outside the Milky Way.
  • Elvis.
  • Jimmy Hoffa.
  • Madeline Murray O’Hare.
  • Jesus Christ’s high school graduation picture.
  • A stone carved out of a mountain with the date that Armageddon will take place engraved on it.
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