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As a long-time denizen of the Internet (for many years before I even knew it was called the Internet), this is nonetheless my first attempt to create a blog. We shall see how it goes. So far there is nothing done that cannot be undone.

Some fragmentary phrases I’ve been wanting to work into writing pieces:

  • My friend Richard’s computer runs on fossil fuel.
  • I work in an office where the guys (no females here) sit around making witty remarks about preemption models and multi-threaded processes.
  • Somewhere there’s a site devoted to something obscure like recipes for banana bread.
  • Somewhere else there’s an engineer who likes banana bread who has made a link to the banana bread site, the place people go for new information about something arcanely technical, and the keeper of the banana bread site wonders why they get so many hits.
  • Somewhere there is a club for retired left-handed mail carriers who write haiku in Esperanto on Amigas. And they have a Web site and a newsletter, and probably international conferences as well.
  • His method of testing is like swatting a fly sitting on top of a wedding cake with a sledge hammer — but missing the fly.
  • Read? Read?? She’s so dumb she couldn’t read a STOP sign.

Surely I can do better than that.

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