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The Neologist is me—Lynn David Newton, the owner of this website. Several years ago I combined my experience in previous long and successful careers into this editing business.

Neologistics Editing provides editing services for clients, including:

  • Copyediting
  • Proofreading
  • Typesetting (using LaTeX)
  • Music typography (using Finale).

My career from 1982 until 2010 has been in various corners of computer technology, sometimes called information technology (IT). Some highlights from those years include:

  • Chief of Documentation for Interhack, a computer science research company with practice areas in forensic computing and information technology, where I did much copyediting of complex documents, in addition to wearing numerous other hats.
  • Nearly twenty years as a software engineer, first for Motorola Computer Group, and later for MontaVista Software, performing software quality assurance, software test, and system test tasks.
  • Five years as a web application developer.
  • Writing courseware on Unix for Cisco’s vast Networking Academy.
  • Teaching beginning and advanced Linux and Unix at an accredited technical university.

My work from youth until 1982 was in the music industry, as a composer, performer, and especially as a music typographer. For that entire period I made most of my living preparing music masters for printed publication from publisher-supplied manuscripts.

Visit The Epic to get the full story of my background and how it relates to my qualifications as a copyeditor.

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