Micro-Thoughts Redux

  • Don’t you hate it when people keep using words like redux?
  • Before my life changed I was a composer. People sometimes ask me: “What kind of music did you write?” I wrote UN-popular music. Some titles:
    • Neglected Concerto
    • Unknown Symphony
    • Songs Without Words or Music
  • People who never read are ignorant, and they show it. It’s easy to tell who doesn’t read — except by people who don’t read.
  • My daughter is a registered nurse. She doesn’t read literature or mysteries or any of the usual self-help books. Instead she buys and pores over weird books with titles like The Professional Nurse’s Illustrated Guide to Festering Guts and Rotting Internal Organs.
  • If the Unix vi editor is a world class CAT scanner, then GNU Emacs is an emergency room, and XEmacs is a whole hospital.
    Oh yeah — NotePad? A dirty band-aid.
  • Some people have buns of steel. Some people have buns of angel food cake.
  • Yesterday I went to the doctor and got a clean bill of health. Things are definitely improving. I’m dying much more slowly than I once was.
  • Sometimes I’m overwhelmed by what I don’t know.
    Sometimes I’m overwhelmed by what I do know.
  • Using email to send WAV audio files is like trying to send someone a giraffe using the US postal service.
  • My friend’s kid is so dumb he punctured his eardrum trying to floss his brain.
  • There’s a new study called protocology — the science of protocols.
    Go back and read that word again. It doesn’t say what you thought it did.
  • Whoa, what the …?!! What was that!!?? I think my paradigm just shifted!
  • Long ago there was a Chinese philosopher named Wu Wi. Scholars called him W. W. for short. Later the pundits made that Dubyah Dubyah.
  • Last weekend we went to a club where we heard a new band consisting of three guys who play the guitar slightly better than not very well, and sing not quite as well as they play.
  • Las Vegas — they should put up a sign up where you enter town that says “Money Taken Here!”
  • It’s time to start separating the W&W’s from the M&M’s in your bag.
  • If it was up to my wife, the value of pi would be changed.
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