My fees for work done vary according to a number of factors, including overall size,  type, and difficulty of the project. Clients may generally expect to pay a fair price that is within current industry standards for my work.

In all cases I require seeing a fair sample of the work to be done before offering terms.

I am able to negotiate fees based on any reasonable, mutually agreeable terms. My own practical experience has shown that by far the most satisfying method of pricing jobs is to charge by the word, as determined by the count within the original word processing manuscript when submitted for copyediting. In this way, a fixed rate may be determined for an entire project, and there are no unpleasant billing surprises for either the author or copyeditor.

If for some reason you prefer it, I can also arrange to work on a page rate, or by the hour.

If you have a project in mind, contact me. Let’s talk. I’m sure we can work something out that is satisfactory to both of us.