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Swan Song Is As Swan Song Does

Picture by Jenn Goelnitz

Motivated by the principle that no news gets old faster than sports news, I figured I’d better bang out this race report for the NorthCoast 24-Hour Endurance Run that I ran in two days ago, before even I don’t care to think about it any longer.

One law of racing I’ve known for . . . → Read More: Swan Song Is As Swan Song Does

Not Half Bad

Photo by Jen Goellnitz

At age 69, my running these days consists mostly of alternating short bursts of slow running with short walks. If I’m rested and have my feet to the fire, I can run six miles or so continuously, but I rarely try. Despite this, my endurance is still good.

Personal circumstances led me to . . . → Read More: Not Half Bad

Festivus 50K 2009

On Saturday, December 12, I ran the Festivus 50K for the second time. The race is an out and back, mostly on the Olentangy River bike path, starting at its northern extremity in Worthington, Ohio, through the streets of downtown Columbus, where there’s currently a lot of construction and opportunities . . . → Read More: Festivus 50K 2009

A 42.5-Mile Night Run

Geezer runs all night

As I’m training for the Javelina Jundred 100-mile trail race, my training schedule has called for a progressively increasing very long run every four weeks since May. As of today I’m still on target.

A month ago I did a 40-miler, so the objective of yesterday’s run was to . . . → Read More: A 42.5-Mile Night Run

Running Pemberton Trail

Saturday afternoon I ran Pemberton Trail. The high in Phoenix was 102, about normal for this time of year. I didn’t see another human soul out there the whole time, not even in the parking lot.

I felt good at the start, anxious to get in a good workout. I wore my light . . . → Read More: Running Pemberton Trail

Spinning Statistical Meaning

At Across the Years this year I earned a jacket for covering 1000 miles lifetime in my seventh year of running it. That’s the accumulated total from one 24-hour race, one 48-hour race, and five 72-hour races.

(Update: My total following the 2010 race is 1516.58 miles, the fourth most overall. That’s . . . → Read More: Spinning Statistical Meaning

Doing Nothing as Training

Image by dipdewdog via Flickr

Sometimes training is doing nothing. Most serious runners realize that deliberate rest and recovery is as much a part of training as is running itself.

Something that might not be quite as well understood is that the same applies to eating. Right now, three days before the Hotfoot . . . → Read More: Doing Nothing as Training

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