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Swan Song Is As Swan Song Does

Picture by Jenn Goelnitz

Motivated by the principle that no news gets old faster than sports news, I figured I’d better bang out this race report for the NorthCoast 24-Hour Endurance Run that I ran in two days ago, before even I don’t care to think about it any longer.

One law of racing I’ve known for . . . → Read More: Swan Song Is As Swan Song Does

The Mettle to Medal

Before the race

I would pass here many times

At the North Coast 24-Hour Endurance Run in September of last year, Newton Baker placed first in our mutual age group. I logged the second greatest amount of mileage in that age group, but wasn’t a registered USATF runner, so didn’t qualify to receive a medal for my achievement.

Newton proceeded . . . → Read More: The Mettle to Medal

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