As I prepare to move in a few days into our new house in the Berwick community of Columbus, these thoughts cross my mind.

Long ago I attended a church service on Communion Sunday, when they pass around bread and wine. Next to me was a lady I never saw before, one who struck me as uncomfortable about being there. As the sauce came by our way, the sanctuary was solemnly quiet except for the organist’s pianissimo ramblings, when I heard the lady whisper to her boyfriend in the quietest voice imaginable: “I wish they were passing out coffee and donuts.”

Continuing in a religious mode, here’s a quote from a little known Bible book:

“Your two breasts are like watermelons from the garden of Uncle Remus.” (Song of the South 1:8)

Speaking of quotes, according to one authority: “It’s a violation of copyright law to lift snippets of text out from somewhere if it’s not properly attributed.”—(Anonymous)

One of my favorite musical collaborations is the supergroup the Traveling Wilburys. Suzy calls them the Flying Wallendas.

At dinner Suzy made a comment about “The Chicago Art Institute”. I replied: “It’s called The Art Institute of Chicago.” She said, “People know what I mean.” I said, “Some people know what you mean better than others.”

A year or so ago I took my car to be washed. The Hispanic attendant checking off options asked:

“Djew won hog watts?”


“Djew won hog watts?”

“Hog watts?? … Ooooh!! No thank you, I don’t want hot wax.”

Much e-mail list repartee reminds me of shortstops taking infield practice, diving for ground balls just out of reach, firing them back as fast as they can. Often they miss, but they do kick up a lot of dust in the process.

Have you ever noticed how apples have so many subtly different flavors, but a banana is always a banana?

I’m not the least bit standoffish, and have many friends. My problem is a limited tolerance for socialization.

The company I work for has a reputation for being a bunch of intellectuals. Therefore, I’m working on becoming a late-blooming intellectual. Gotta keep up appearances.

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