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Giving Awards

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Mankind is inextricably addicted to the ceremonious giving of awards.

When I was a Boy Scout, our troop had a pancake making contest. I took it seriously, thinking the intent was to make the finest-looking stack of pancakes possible. Some of the other boys brought in pancakes that . . . → Read More: Giving Awards

From Enron to Pink Plastic Flamingos

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This is a tale of web “surfing” in the truest sense — something I don’t often do — an exploration of connections that led to an amusing conclusion relevant only to this blog.

Last night Suzy and I rented and watched Enron — The Smartest Guys in the Room, the appearance of . . . → Read More: From Enron to Pink Plastic Flamingos

Terrorists Win

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Shortly after the horrible events of September 11, 2001, the president of the nation of which I am a lifetime citizen became accustomed to declaring that if people did not go along with his plans and proposals for coping with the aftermath, “then the terrorists win!” Thus was born . . . → Read More: Terrorists Win

Geezer’s Great Alaskan Adventure

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… wherein he plunges head first off a cliff while running from a bear

So there I was, last Thursday afternoon, trotting briskly down a steep section of the Dewey Lakes trails, east of Skagway, Alaska. The weather was a day to die for (and I almost did) — with temperatures in the low . . . → Read More: Geezer’s Great Alaskan Adventure

New Truths on Science and the Bible

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A couple of years ago my wife and I heard a lecture on science and the Bible that revealed some new truths. Fortunately, I took notes. We learned:

The entire universe is made out of science.
Einstein invented dynamite. Einstein later helped to develop the atomic bomb, but when he realized . . . → Read More: New Truths on Science and the Bible

Honest Mistakes

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One day a few years ago, after finishing a twenty-mile run at the gym, I stepped into the shower to rinse off, and went out to the pool to do a few relaxing laps. There was no one out there except a young woman swimming in the closest lane, headed . . . → Read More: Honest Mistakes

Sick Software

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Software seems to be organic. It seems as though if something works perfectly well for years and is never touched that it will continue to work, but one day you do something you’ve done every day forever and it doesn’t work. It’s like it’s caught a cold or something, and . . . → Read More: Sick Software

Was That a Zebra or a Giraffe?

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Speaking of basic education (was I doing that?) …

Certain skills are fundamental to life. The obvious ones include ability to care for oneself and to perform basic chores, reading, writing, basic arithmetic, to which I would add secondary skills such as riding a bicycle, swimming, for most persons driving . . . → Read More: Was That a Zebra or a Giraffe?

English As a Second Language for Native-Borns

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There was a high school physics teacher who subscribed to a mail list I once belonged to. Everyone disliked him because he was an idiot and most of what he said was both ignorant and offensive.

He was nearly illiterate — a scary fact given that he was a teacher of . . . → Read More: English As a Second Language for Native-Borns

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