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Aerial Gynectomy

Aerial solution

Based on a true personal experience …

Trying to avoid eye contact with anyone, I chose the side of the street with shadows, but was approached by a woman who decided that I was the cause of all her life’s problems. She tried to delay me with her ranting. I tried to apologize in return, . . . → Read More: Aerial Gynectomy

Doing Their Job?

A review of Redeployment by Paul Klay. Substantially the same text I posted on both Amazon and Goodreads.

Five stars if you can handle it. I can’t conscientiously recommend this book for everyone. It’s a book for grown-ups.

Its author, Phil Klay (I was told on an NPR review), pronounces his name “Kleye”; it rhymes with “fly”.

I dislike . . . → Read More: Doing Their Job?

Case Hope Long Executed

Noted ironist author Case Hope Long was executed by lethal injection this morning for a crime neither he nor anyone else could remember. Beforehand, he announced that his last words would be, “These are my last words.”

Considered a master of the arcane form of recursive historical fiction, Long’s last and possibly greatest work was a novel . . . → Read More: Case Hope Long Executed

My Visit with Queen Elizabeth II

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I had a dream last night about Queen Elizabeth II. Lovely woman, that one.

She came to our locality for a visit, accompanied only by a male attendant, whom I presumed to be a personal secretary.

She spoke at a function I was at, of undefined purpose.

I walked a few steps behind her as she . . . → Read More: My Visit with Queen Elizabeth II

Can You Guess How Oold I Am?

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Have you ever noticed how some older people like to tell you their age? It seems I’ve reached that point in life where I’m anxious to tell people my age, sometimes looking for excuses to do so. It’s a pretty sorry state to be in — not being the age I am, but . . . → Read More: Can You Guess How Oold I Am?

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