Here are some thoughts I’ve wanted to express for a long time.

  • Yesterday I thought of a great mnemonic device, but I forgot what it was. I’m fully aware of the irony of this situation. Or maybe I was just looking for a way to use “irony” in a sentence.
  • Have you ever noticed? There are two holes in every doughnut — one on each side.
  • Whenever the Net goes down I look nervously out the window to see if there’s a mushroom cloud.
  • A simple life is not an easy life. I’m far too lazy to lead a simple life.
  • The principle lesson to be derived from so-called secular humanism is this: You get what you pay for, so don’t drink the Kool Aid until you know what’s in it.
  • Give a doofus a powerful authoring tool and what will he produce? A document that veritably shouts: “I am a doofus!”, often in a riotous array of  fonts and file formats.
  • Searching a newspaper for a job as a Web developer is exactly as useful as looking for a future marriage mate in a bar.
  • It’s funny how when you’re digging for treasure you find a lot more worms.

Over and out.

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